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Frank Stoopman

Beauty and 'movement' are a constant guide in the expression of his (bronze) images which always 

centered man. 


The female figures are challenging and draw the viewer as it were 'automatically' in their world. They 

are silent and 'want' to be touched; posture and anatomy are essential. Even with his child characters 

he creates a world that evokes recognition in the 'child' in the viewer:


 "Before the image is created, I empathized with me all the 'image' that image should be." "Empathy 

is the only way to display an image recognition that wants to express: search, empathy and take 

away his tools to the image that I mean". "Especially with children figures stilled movement and the 

search for extremes in stress my motivation." "In addition to the aesthetic side, I would also 

mischievous and humorous side of life to express my images: let's say with a wink."


Frank began his artistic development during his training as a teacher at the Free School: color and 

form he made himself 'own'. The course as a sculptor, he started at the Vrije Academie in Rotterdam 

including teachers like Veri van Dormolen.

Gradually he developed his love of drama, theater and music. He also sings in a 

chamber choir and ensemble ancient music. The classical and Renaissance are always recurring 

source of inspiration for his sculptures: a contemporary sculptor he admires very Eddy Roos.


From 1992, there were assignments, and exhibitions also not failed to materialize. Many individuals 

and companies found his studio. Besides the Netherlands, he is currently in Belgium increasingly in 

the spotlight; at art fairs such as' s Hertogenbosch and Naarden, but also in Brussels, Namur and 

Ghent and Antwerp to admire his work frequently. He recently realized for individuals from Moscow 

and Cape Town a few bronzes. 


For years he model modeling courses in our own workshop to individuals and also gives lectures and 

leads workshops for business and individuals. He is also affiliated with the Center for Visual Art in 

Rotterdam His depiction of people in motion, complete with simulated clothing and proper 

musculature is virtuoso. The movements are sometimes gracefully, sometimes forcefully. But, the 

figures are always in balance.



Do too Public procurement:


     - Tijl Uilenspiegel     the municipality Raalte and Moscow

     - Horse "Seven Horseshoe" for the municipality Zevenhoven

     - No hurdle too high "for the domain Chevetogne to Belgium

     - Reliefs and ornamental sculptures for the pilgrimage church in Brielle 

     - "Skateboarder" for the municipality Almelo






                        Frank Stoopman is affiliated with the Center for Visual Art in Rotterdam

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